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About Us

Our Story

We’ve experienced the pain of oil cartridge users because we ourselves are oil cart heavy users.

What we used to encountered:

misplaced and lost the oil carts
dropped them and they shattered
googled “how to salvage oil ” desperately
carts drop out of my pocket on the way to the toilet
put them in a medicine case for travel and the oil leak due to collision
Tasted odd when you forget to keep the carts away from sunlight
and in a cool place.

And most manufacturer cases coming with the pens or kits are not specifically designed for storage and protection of multiple carts.

That’s why we started our business. We made ourselves a storage case and we think we should spread this product to more cart users who are suffering from the pain as we used to. The Cartsdom Roulette holds 6 carts inside and 1 space in the bottom is designed for capturing a magnetic-based cart. The magnetic lid is closely connected to the body without opening it , you can spin the lid and slip your cart out with ease.

We are trying to do our best.

The silicone is too thin to be removed from the lid so we decided to add a “hat-brim” to it.
It takes almost a month to manufacture the “hat” style silicone plug on the lid. But we finally made it and the brim of the silicone plug makes it super easy to remove the plug.

We also add a bit of fun to it-when you see the case the Russian roulette just pop out in your mind. Yes and you can play the cart-roulette with different oil ratios and flavors.

At Cartsdom, we aim to provide the perfect storage and protection solution for your oil cartridges. Cartsdom Roulette was created with the on-the-go, design-conscious user in mind. Minimal design, high-quality manufacturing , relaxing and safe experience are core of our pursuit.


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